What is a Legal Clerk?

A legal clerk, in general, is someone who works in a court, law firm, or government office and assists judges and attorneys with a variety of tasks. Most law clerks are attorneys or are in the process of becoming attorneys, which distinguishes them from more general legal secretaries; a secretary might work with a clerk … Read more

How do I get Fingerprint Training?

Since at least the time of the ancient Egyptians, fingerprinting has been used to identify people. It has become an important part of forensic science as a result of scientific advancements over the last 500 years. There are a variety of fingerprinting training options available to you. Fingerprinting courses may be available through private classes … Read more

What does a Computer Network Technician do?

A computer network technician is responsible for a variety of tasks and responsibilities related to the implementation and maintenance of a company’s computer networks. Setting up local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs), as well as establishing Internet connections and organizing how these various networks are maintained, are all examples of this. After … Read more

What does an Environmental Technician do?

An environmental technician applies skills learned in fields such as science and technology to environmental issues and projects. Many of these technicians work as consultants for other companies, advising on everything from testing water and soil samples from construction sites to ensuring that a company is following environmental regulations. In addition to being knowledgeable in … Read more

What does a Laboratory Supervisor do?

A laboratory supervisor works in a laboratory that is either self-contained or part of a larger organization, and performs duties that allow the laboratory to run smoothly on a daily basis. A laboratory supervisor, unlike a lab technician, has significant managerial duties and responsibilities. The laboratory supervisor’s responsibilities include things like safety protocol, disciplinary action, … Read more

What Does a Telecommunications Analyst Do?

A telecommunications analyst is in charge of overseeing an organization’s telecommunications system. Someone with the ability to properly analyze telecommunications networks, specifically voice and data communications, is required the job description. Analysts are tasked with determining the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s network. The analyst’s job is to keep the communications systems up … Read more

What is an Economist?

A person with expertise in the field of economics is referred to as an economist. In most cases, this knowledge is gained through years of academic study combined with real-world experience. In most cases, there is no specific job title that includes the term “economist.” Rather, the position could be described as an economic analyst … Read more

What Does a Director of Analytics Do?

A director of analytics is in charge of a number of critical responsibilities within a company. While the job title may vary depending on the organization, the central role remains consistent. The director will use strong statistical and analytic skills to analyze data from multiple sources while working to lead the analytics team in a … Read more

What Does a Logistics Trainee Do?

Typically, a logistics trainee is hired into a training program at a company that has complex distribution or manufacturing operations. He moves through the various departments that make up the system for moving resources from production to the end user. Typically, training programs are designed so that the trainee spends equal time in each department … Read more

How Do I Become a Technical Analyst?

In order to predict future performance, technical market analysts look at trends in the past performance of financial securities. These highly specialized individuals are trained to interpret numbers, charts, and graphs in order to develop projections or limitations for a specific stock or the broader markets. To work as a technical analyst, you’ll need an … Read more