What does a Medical Laboratory Technician do?

A medical laboratory technician typically works in a laboratory, performing diagnostic and other types of tests on people who have injuries, illnesses, or medical conditions. The job of a medical laboratory technician is demanding and necessitates both general and specialized knowledge. The job description for a medical laboratory technician is fairly similar regardless of the … Read more

What do Veterinary Technicians do?

The veterinary equivalent of a nurse is a veterinary technician. They are in charge of assisting veterinarians with day-to-day office tasks as well as medical procedures. Veterinary technicians have typically completed enough college to earn a two-year technical degree and then passed the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE). Each state has … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Prosecutor Jobs?

In a court of law, a prosecutor is someone who represents the government or its citizens. Prosecutor positions are available at all levels of government, including local, state, and federal. This person could be called upon to prosecute any type of criminal activity, as well as specific offenses like gang activity. Prosecutors may also be … Read more

How do I get Law Enforcement Certification?

To obtain law enforcement certification, you must complete three steps: a security training program, law enforcement experience, and passing the certification exam. The term “law enforcement” refers to a wide range of security and protection activities. Security officers and guards must usually complete law enforcement certification programs, whereas police officers must complete law enforcement post-secondary … Read more

What does a Pomologist do?

A pomologist is a person who specializes in the study of fruit and nut trees. He or she may specialize in the development of new fruit cultivars, the discovery of existing commercially valuable fruits, the management of crop pests, the adaptation to changing climatic conditions, and other aspects of fruit cultivation, harvest, and sale. To … Read more

How Do I Become a Combat Medic?

To become a combat medic, you must complete basic training as well as an advanced course that teaches you medical skills. Aside from a high school diploma or equivalency certificate, no specialized degree is required before beginning training. Qualified doctors and nurses are also needed the military to provide advanced medical care to patients … Read more

What are Different Types of Auto Mechanic Jobs?

Auto mechanics work on a wide range of vehicles, from small passenger cars to motorcycles to diesel trucks and buses, performing maintenance and repairs. Many mechanics specialize in particular areas of repair, such as engine work, auto body work, and electronic systems. There are a variety of auto mechanic jobs available because there is so … Read more

What does a Contract Coordinator do?

Many businesses rely on other businesses to provide products or services that are critical to their operations. A law firm, for example, might need the services of a photocopy company if they have a lot of copies to make. A contract coordinator assists in the selection of the most appropriate company to provide a product … Read more

What Does a Warranty Administrator Do?

A warranty administrator communicates with manufacturers about defective parts or repairs for a specific product, such as electronic components or modules, for a retail or distribution facility. This employee creates warranty requests, gathers and ships defective parts, and collaborates with the accounting department to ensure that all parts and labor claims are paid in full. … Read more

What are the Different Hairdresser Jobs?

Jobs as a hairstylist will always be in high demand. People will always want to look their best for every occasion, regardless of the economic situation, location, or population. Although some stylists specialize in everything from custom hair colors to finger waves, hairdressing is made up of a variety of subspecialties and career paths that … Read more