What is a Diagnostic Molecular Scientist?

A diagnostic molecular scientist’s responsibilities include performing diagnostic testing, designing and processing DNA and RNA isolation tests, and conducting infectious disease research. A diagnostic molecular scientist holds a bachelor’s degree in organic or biochemistry from an accredited institution. A master’s degree in molecular chemistry or biology is required for the vast majority of scientists in … Read more

What is a Colorist?

Before being published in products such as comic books, a colorist fills in drawings with color. Colorists are artists with experience and training in their field, though the amount of experience and education required varies depending on the job. Colorists used to work primarily with paper drawings and coloring pens, but now they mostly work … Read more

What does a Stand-In do?

During the production of a film or television show, a stand-in is a person who temporarily replaces an actor. One of the main purposes of stand-ins is to take an actor’s place during a part of the production that only requires the actor’s physical presence, such as setting up proper lighting or determining where the … Read more

What does a Railroad Engineer do?

A railroad engineer is responsible for the safe operation of a railroad locomotive as well as adherence to railroad rules and regulations in general. The engineer is in charge of acceleration and braking, as well as other handling procedures, once the train is moving. This individual is also in charge of inspecting the locomotive prior … Read more

How Do I Become a Jazz Musician?

For many music lovers, becoming a jazz musician is a dream come true. Dedication, objective self-assessment, and talent are all necessary components in making that dream a reality. Though there is no one-size-fits-all approach to becoming a jazz musician, anyone serious about pursuing a career as a professional teacher or performer must be willing to … Read more

What does a Family Counselor do?

A licensed professional who helps people overcome stress, mental health issues, behavioral problems, and family issues is known as a family counselor. He or she usually works in a group or private practice, providing counseling services to individuals and families on an appointment basis. A family therapist must be aware of the various social, economic, … Read more

What are the Different Stenographer Jobs?

Stenographers are men and women who specialize in transcribing spoken messages, speeches, and conversations accurately and quickly. The majority of stenographer jobs are in legal courts, where court reporters record statements, hearings, and rulings. Television stations, telephone relay centers, and other offices that require precise legal transcription services may hire professionals. Every word spoken during … Read more

What Is Basic Writing?

Basic writing is the development of written communication skills in students who, for a variety of reasons, are falling behind their peers. This discipline focuses on underprepared undergraduate students in their first year of college who may require some assistance in developing their writing skills. In the 1970s in the United States, a number of … Read more

What are the Different Types of Forensic Science Jobs?

While popular culture may lead you to believe that forensic science jobs are limited to working in a lab conducting tests on bodily tissues and fluids, there are a variety of other options to consider. A medical examiner, a crime scene examiner, or a forensic engineer are all options in addition to laboratory analyst. Whatever … Read more

What is a Legal Clerk?

A legal clerk, in general, is someone who works in a court, law firm, or government office and assists judges and attorneys with a variety of tasks. Most law clerks are attorneys or are in the process of becoming attorneys, which distinguishes them from more general legal secretaries; a secretary might work with a clerk … Read more