What is a Limner?

A limner is simply an artist or painter, though the term has come to be associated with painters who worked in the North American colonies in the 18th and 19th centuries. Limners were often anonymous, traveling from town to town looking for work, and they produced a large body of work of varying quality. Limners’ … Read more

What Is Representational Art?

The term “representative art” refers to artwork that depicts something that most people can recognize from the real world. From prehistoric to modern times, realistic art has dominated the history of visual arts for the most part. Non-representational art is the polar opposite of representational art, as it lacks a realistic, recognizable subject. The Mona … Read more

What Is Neoclassical Theatre?

Neoclassical theatre (also spelled theater) refers to a period from the mid-seventeenth to the early-eighteenth centuries when the theatrical arts were influenced the ideas and styles of ancient Greek and Roman societies. Decorum, or dignified behavior, and realism were highly valued at the time, and people believed that the primary purposes of a play … Read more