How do I Become a Regional Property Manager?

In the property management industry, a regional property manager is a highly sought after position. The regional manager is in charge of overseeing the operations of multiple properties, and as such, is usually a person with a lot of power and influence within a company. While the specific steps to becoming a regional property manager may vary, there are some general guidelines that many people follow.

There are several important factors to consider if you want to work as a regional property manager. The first is that becoming a business student and achieving success at every level in the property management industry is critical. While it may sound cliched, each step on the ladder builds on the previous one and lays the groundwork for not only achieving, but also succeeding in, a regional manager position.

A four-year degree with a business emphasis is beneficial to becoming a regional property manager, though it is not always required. Many companies do not require a degree to enter the property management field, but it may be required to advance to higher levels of management. Many regional managers have benefited from property management industry education programs in addition to or instead of formal education.

Many local apartment associations provide training and certification programs that are beneficial to industry professionals. The Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) and the Certified National Apartment Leasing Professional (CANALP) are two of the most prestigious certifications (NALP). The CAM and NALP designations are available to those who complete the courses. While a CAM or NALP designation is not always required to work as a regional property manager, many employers prefer it.

Even those with college degrees who want to work in commercial or rental property management usually start with an entry-level leasing position. The leasing consultant is in charge of both leasing property to potential clients and keeping current tenants. Despite being an entry-level position, the leasing consultant is one of the most important positions in a company, and leasing experience is invaluable for someone aspiring to be a regional property manager.

An assistant manager position is usually the next step up in the property management industry, especially on the rental property side. The assistant manager is often in charge of collecting and processing rental payments as well as keeping track of accounts receivables and payables, in addition to sales and customer service. The property manager is usually the next position up from an assistant manager.

Because they oversee the operations of a property, property managers are frequently regarded as some of the most important employees in a company. The property manager position is usually the most direct path to becoming a regional property manager for an employee. Employees with the most opportunity to distinguish themselves and set themselves apart from the competition to become a regional property manager are typically at the property manager level.