How do I Become a Typesetter?

A person who aspires to be a typesetter prepares for a job that entails creating and arranging text in an appealing manner prior to printing. A person does not need a specific level of education to work as a typesetter. The educational requirements are usually determined the employer’s preferences. Some employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree, while others prefer high school graduates. Experience is often more important than education when it comes to becoming a typesetter.

Years ago, typesetters worked hand, but today, the majority of typesetters work with computers. To type text and import images, they use computers and computer equipment. After that, they use layout software to arrange the text and images in a pleasing manner. When working as a freelance typesetter, he must often plan his projects’ budgets and negotiate fees and deadlines with potential clients and printers. He may also create mock-ups of different styles for clients to choose from.

Some employers may be willing to hire a typesetter with only a high school diploma or its equivalent as long as they have some experience. Printers and publishers, on the other hand, sometimes prefer to hire people with an associate’s degree in print production or a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Some employers may consider candidates who have earned certificates in one of these fields. A person who wants to become a typesetter usually takes desktop publishing classes as well.

Regardless of the level of education a person obtains while preparing to become a typesetter, he will typically require certain skills and qualities for this job. First and foremost, he must be able to communicate effectively, as he may have to negotiate with typesetting clients or printers. He should also be meticulous and have a knack for good design and color combinations. Additionally, if a person has knowledge of fonts, printing presses, and publishing practices and processes, he may be well prepared for this job.

In order to perform well as a typesetter, a person usually needs some prior experience. As an intern or apprentice, a person can gain experience. Though some employers may provide on-the-job training, most employers prefer typesetters who have some experience and knowledge of the equipment they use. A person can also prepare for this job experimenting on their own with layout software and digital imaging equipment.

A person who wants to work as a typesetter can contact local newspapers to look for work when he is ready. To apply for a job, he could contact publishing houses, pre-press firms, and specialty publishing firms. He might even be able to find typesetting job openings on online job sites or in his local newspaper’s classified section.