How do I Choose the Best GMAT Software?

The best Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT®) software is one that thoroughly prepares you for the exam. While studying for the GMAT® can be challenging, good GMAT® practice software should include a variety of practice questions, aptitude tests, and learning modules to assist you in your preparation. Any GMAT® software worth its salt should include a thorough overview of this crucial business school entrance exam.

The questions are at the heart of the GMAT® exam. A writing section, a quantitative section, and a verbal section make up the GMAT®. You must write two essays for the writing section, and you must answer numerous multiple choice questions for the quantitative and verbal sections. You should choose GMAT® software with a large question and answer bank so you can practice answering a variety of questions, such as quantitative problem solving, data sufficiency problems, sentence correction, and critical reading problems. The GMAT® software’s answers should provide a clear explanation of how the problem was solved and what to look out for when solving similar problems on the exam.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to the GMAT® and any other graduate admissions exam. The best GMAT® software programs will include at least one, if not multiple, practice exams so that students can get a feel for the GMAT® testing environment before taking the exam. Almost always, this software will provide a computer adaptive exam similar to what students will see on the GMAT® exam. From the second question onwards, the difficulty of each question is determined whether you answered the previous question correctly. The GMAT® software ensures that you get the best preparation possible providing computer adaptive practice exams.

GMAT® questions may bring up topics and concepts that you have never heard of or that you have forgotten. Topic briefings, notes, and possibly even video lessons and online classes provided top GMAT® software will fill in these knowledge gaps. Online courses are available with some of the more expensive GMAT® software programs, allowing you to communicate directly with the instructor. You can also see questions that other students who have logged into the classroom have asked. One of the indicators of useful gmat® software is having a significant amount of review material available to aspiring business school students.