How Do I Choose the Best Snare Drum Lessons?

Understanding what students require the most in order to master this type of percussion instrument is essential to finding the best snare drum lessons. Beginners and higher-level students alike can benefit from seeking out the most relevant and instructive lessons available in order to learn more quickly and get the most out of their studies. This entails first understanding what makes the snare drum unique, as well as how percussion is best taught at any level.

Many of the best programs and courses for snare drum lessons start with a sufficient treatment of how to read percussion music or markings in the introduction or beginning content. Beginner lessons must include basic rhythm instruction from the page to the drum. Instructors may also cover the concept of minimalism or restraint when it comes to the snare drum, as well as how to incorporate it into larger percussion strategies in order to play a drum set well and in sync with other instruments.

One of the most important aspects of snare drum lessons is comprehensive instruction on some of the drum’s most difficult techniques. The snare drum roll is a common technique that requires a lot of explanation. In this technique, the student must learn to hit the snare drum with both sticks in a specific sequence, resulting in a consistent fluttering sound. The rattling metal snare across the bottom of the drum is part of the snare drum roll, but it also requires proper technique, so the most effective snare drum lessons include plenty of explanation of how to achieve this sound. It’s not always enough to simply describe the snare drum roll; students benefit the most when an instructor uses a combination of hands-on instruction and technical description, as well as methods to boost the student’s confidence in order to achieve a good drum roll.

The best drum lessons will accommodate the student’s schedule and need for at-home practice, in addition to providing guidance on efficient technical mastery of the snare drum. Some lessons that are taught too quickly will leave the student with insufficient time to process what has been taught, and will not be as effective as classes that are taught over a longer period of time. The snare drum lessons should be held in a professional setting that is conducive to learning, with all of the necessary equipment to demonstrate some of the most difficult snare drum techniques that a student wishes to learn.