How Do I Start a Career in Fish Hatchery Management?

By submitting an application to a fish hatchery, you can begin a career in fish hatchery management. A degree in fish hatchery management or fish biology can help you break into the industry. In most cases, you will be required to start at the bottom of the hatchery hierarchy and work your way up before being appointed to a position in fish hatchery management. Many hatcheries hire workers who will eventually work their way up to management without a college diploma learning the necessary operational methods while doing lower-level jobs in the hatchery.

A fish hatchery is a facility where fish are artificially spawned and raised to the size required to survive in the wild. The hatchery has a variety of operations, ranging from testing wild waters to hosting information seminars at local schools and sporting events. You might want to start your path to a career in fish hatchery management getting a bachelor’s degree in hatchery management, fish biology, or a related outdoor science from a college. Some future managers work part-time in a hatchery to gain valuable experience with the hatchery’s role in the community.

While a college diploma isn’t required for fish hatchery management, practical experience with the operation of a hatchery is. Regardless of their degree, most hatchery managers have worked in a lower position at some point. If you don’t want to go to school, you could simply apply for a job at a fish hatchery and work your way up to a management position. You should excel in all tasks assigned to you and volunteer for as much extra duty time as possible to not only gain a thorough understanding of the hatchery’s inner workings, but also to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to the hatchery.

To be considered for a management position at a hatchery that promotes from within, you typically need four to five years of experience. To be considered for a fish hatchery management position, you must have three years of experience as an assistant manager, even if you have a college degree. Working hard and establishing a name for yourself within a hatchery can improve your chances of becoming a manager. If possible, while working as an assistant or another type of hatchery employee, you can improve your standing taking college courses on management techniques and employee relations.