How do I Write a Research Paper Conclusion?

One of the most crucial aspects of writing a research paper is the conclusion. The conclusion is the author’s final opportunity to persuade the reader of his or her point of view. The conclusion may need to meet slightly different requirements depending on the type of paper required.

If the beginning and middle of the paper are in order, writing a research paper conclusion should be relatively simple. A thesis statement is a statement made at the beginning of a research paper that defines an idea, topic, or premise that the paper will be primarily about. The research conducted in order to prove or understand the thesis is usually found in the middle of most research papers. The conclusion frequently discusses how the thesis was proven, disproved, or changed as a result of the research findings. It might be useful to remind the reader of the thesis and explain how it was changed as a result of the research.

It is critical that a research paper’s conclusion does not simply restate the thesis. It is generally not an acceptable topic for serious research papers if the thesis is so obvious that no research or evidence refutes it in any way. The goal of most research papers is to encourage students to go beyond their current level of solid knowledge and engage in further scholarly discussion on a given topic. It is not always a bad thing if research findings contradict the initial thesis; the research paper conclusion is the place to discuss changes to the original stated idea.

According to some standards, the conclusion of a research paper should include reflections on the research process and how it could have been improved or made more efficient. This is a good place to summarize what was learned along the way, and it demonstrates that the student is concerned about their own development rather than just the paper’s topic. However, double-check to see if this section of the conclusion is required, as it isn’t always.

It’s important to remember that a research paper doesn’t just end; it has to end. When writing a research paper conclusion, try to use elegant and clear language, making sure to remind the reader of the thesis, the main points of the research, and the writer’s final conclusions. A good research paper conclusion, like a handshake and a polite “thank you,” can leave a lasting impression on the reader, which could lead to a higher grade.