How do I Write a Sales Associate Cover Letter?

To write a sales associate cover letter, start double-checking that you know the name of the person you’ll be writing to. You can then properly address your letter to ensure that it reaches someone involved in the hiring process and does not get lost in the mail. After you’ve addressed your cover letter properly, you should write the body paragraphs to demonstrate and detail your sales abilities. In your sales associate cover letter, you should use an assertive, but not pushy, tone and make use of your sales skills in the body of the letter.

A cover letter for a sales associate is a letter that goes with a résumé when it’s sent to a company, usually as an introduction. When writing this letter, make sure to include details that will help the letter get to the right person and promote your sales skills. This means that you should start your letter including your contact information, preferably in the same format as your résumé, as well as the contact information for the company to which you’re writing. The name of the person you’re writing to, or a title like “Dear Sales Manager” or “Dear Hiring Manager,” should also be included in your sales associate cover letter.

The body of your sales associate cover letter should promote you as a potentially valuable employee and showcase your selling abilities. Beginning the body paragraphs with what you know about the company, such as a recent article published about the company or successful sales figures reported in the news, is a good idea. You can also mention if you’re responding to a specific call for applications; if you know anyone who works for the company, it’s a good idea to mention that in your sales associate cover letter.

Details about your previous work, which should not repeat your résumé information but provide a quick overview of your experience, should also be included in your sales associate cover letter. You want to pique the reader’s interest in you and encourage them to read your résumé. Because you’re applying for a sales position, your cover letter is a great place to highlight your abilities as a salesperson, so keep an assertive tone as you sell your experience and professional worth. End your sales associate cover letter thanking the reader, indicating that you will be contacting him or her soon, and politely closing your letter with a phrase like “Sincerely,” followed your name.