What Does a Respiratory Therapy Assistant Do?

As a respiratory therapy assistant, you will assist a primary respiratory therapist in treating patients and ensuring that they receive proper care. A person with extensive knowledge of respiratory therapy equipment and a compassionate nature is usually required for success in this field. In general, an individual will need to attend a technical school that … Read more

What Does a Nutrition Therapist Do?

A nutrition therapist’s job entails assisting clients in improving their diet and overall health. A person with extensive health knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills is usually required for success in this field. In general, a person will work for a healthcare clinic or a fitness center, or they will work for themselves in a private … Read more

What Does a Mobile Beauty Therapist Do?

As a mobile beauty therapist, you will provide a variety of face and body treatments to clients in order to help them improve their appearance and health. These individuals, unlike traditional beauty therapists who work in a centralized location, travel to a client’s home. In general, a formal degree isn’t required in this field, but … Read more

How Do I Become a Certified Dietary Manager?

Workers in the food service industry who want to become certified dietary managers (CDMs) have a few options. Before January 1, 2012, you must qualify for, take, and pass the CDM exam offered the Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals (ANFP), also known as the Dietary Managers Association (DMA). A college diploma, graduation from … Read more

What are the Different Jobs in the Medical Spa Business?

A medical spa director is one of the many positions available in the medical spa industry. Spa aesthetician and medical spa manager are two other jobs in the medical spa industry. All patients and clients seeking treatment at the spa benefit from the aesthetician’s assistance. Client coordinators in the medical spa industry typically schedule appointments … Read more

What Does a Social Media Coordinator Do?

Many businesses hire a social media coordinator as traditional offline marketing techniques give way to online marketing techniques. These people must be computer literate and know how to use social media as a legitimate marketing tool. In turn, a person in this position is responsible for five key job responsibilities. Setting up accounts on social … Read more

How Do I Start a Career in Computer Forensics?

With the arrival of the digital age, criminals gained new opportunities and law enforcement gained a new focus of investigation. The need for computer forensic experts has arisen as a result of computer crimes. Anyone interested in pursuing a career in computer forensics should first complete a rigorous high school math and computer science curriculum, … Read more

What is Wireline Logging?

During the drilling process, wireline logging is the practice of continuously collecting and recording data from a borehole. Wireline logging provides valuable information for making decisions about how and where to drill, as well as when to stop drilling, in the context of oil and gas exploration. The company stores the logs as part of … Read more