What Are Air Drums?

Air drums are a mythical musical style that is similar to air guitar. An air drummer imitates playing without the use of a drum set moving his or her hands and arms as if they were hitting physical drums. It is a highly exaggerated visual representation. Drumsticks aren’t necessary.

People have been practicing air drumming for decades, even before the popularity of air guitar. While it may not be as well-known as air guitar, it follows the same principles. Air drumming allows anyone, regardless of musical ability, to rock out.

Some people consider air drums to be a type of dance. It is not necessary to be able to keep a beat or play the drums. It’s more about the attitude than anything else when it comes to playing air drums. Air drums are often associated with rock and heavy metal music. Some people think of air drummers as want tobe drummers, but they are more commonly known for their love of music and do not consider air drumming to be a serious art form.

It’s worth mentioning that air drumming has a close cousin: air guitar. While air guitar is a well-known phenomenon around the world, air drumming is slowly gaining popularity. At one point, there was an air guitar network that included at least 20 countries.

Every year, international air guitar competitions are held. Finland hosts the annual Air Guitar World Championships. As living proof, DVDs are available. The competition started out as a joke, but it has since grown in popularity and competitiveness.

Air band competitions, in which an entire band simulates their respective instruments, have sprung up as a result of events like these. The video game Rock Band exploited the average person’s desire to be a rock star without having to put in the time and effort to learn the physical musical instrument. Instead of striking the air, the user is rewarded with a triggered sound that simulates a drum set or other instruments.

Air drums are free to obtain because they do not require any physical matter or materials. To play air drums, all you need is a little imagination. Air drums are also far safer than traditional acoustic drum sets, which can cause hearing damage due to their high decibel levels.