What Are the Benefits of Obtaining a Degree in Sociology?

The advantages of obtaining a sociology degree can range from career and educational to personal. A sociology degree may provide personal benefits such as a better understanding of how and why people live and communicate in certain ways. Because sociology programs typically cover early tribes and peoples from all over the world, a well-rounded, global appreciation of various races and cultures can be a significant benefit of a sociology degree. Because of the discipline’s emphasis on people and communication, those with sociology degrees are often able to find work or pursue further education in a wide range of fields.

Law and social work are two fields that are particularly linked to sociology because they both deal with the entire society. Stanford University offers a law and sociology joint degree that allows students to study a wide range of societal issues such as racial profiling, human rights, and the death penalty. The advantage of having a sociology degree for law students is that it allows them to get a more in-depth look at many different cultural beliefs that can influence which laws are established. Social workers with a sociology degree can benefit from learning about other cultures and races in order to better connect with the people they want to help.

Because it is beneficial to first learn about all of humanity before focusing on one particular segment or issue, a degree in sociology can open the doors to further education in fields such as feminism or gender studies. Even in the field of city planning, a bachelor’s degree in sociology can be beneficial in terms of community equity policies. Most sociology degree programs place a strong emphasis on critical thinking and research skills, which are valued both educators and employers.

A sociology degree can be useful in a variety of fields, including business management and prison reform. As a result of earning a degree in sociology, criminology and criminal justice students often gain a strong understanding of possible sociological problems that may affect the growth of crime. Business people are often well-equipped to better understand consumers as well as effective marketing strategy techniques thanks to the research and thinking skills learned in a sociology degree. Sociology education can also help with global marketing strategies.