What Are the Best Tips for Buying a Used Accordion?

Purchasing a used accordion can be difficult, especially for those who are unfamiliar with these instruments. When purchasing an accordion, don’t base your decision solely on how it appears on the outside, as an accordion can have internal, unseen issues. Check for leaks in the accordion, which can lead to poor compression. Visually inspect the buttons and keys to ensure they are not misaligned, and press on them to ensure they are not loose or stuck. If you’re buying an accordion from a private seller or a store, make sure you ask how old it is and how much it’s been played. Obtaining some kind of accordion warranty or guarantee is also a good idea.

When purchasing a used accordion, the appearance of the instrument does not always reflect its condition. A used accordion may appear to be in good condition on the outside, but its inner workings may be damaged in ways that a visual inspection will not reveal. Request that someone play the accordion, and listen for a hissing sound that could indicate an air leak, resulting in poor compression. Another sign that the accordion has a leak is if it continues to play even when none of the buttons or keys are pressed. Finally, if the accordion’s bellows are easy to pull out even when no keys are being played, the accordion may be leaking.

On a used accordion, the condition of the buttons and keys is also crucial. Although misaligned buttons or keys can be repaired, this is an unnecessary extra cost. Before purchasing a used accordion, inspect the keys and buttons to see if they are straight. Check to see if any of the buttons are too loose, too difficult to press down on, or stuck in the pressed position.

When it comes to a used accordion, asking questions can help you make better decisions about its condition. When purchasing an accordion from a private owner, inquire as to how old the instrument is and how often it has been played. An accordion purchased for a child who quickly lost interest may be in better condition than one purchased for a child who has played it frequently. If the accordion proves to be unsatisfactory in some way, try to get a guarantee or warranty that the accordion can be returned for a full refund.