What are the Different Types of Excavation Work?

Excavation is done a variety of machines for a variety of reasons. Grading, trenching, digging, dredging, and site development work may be required excavation contractors. The type of excavation equipment used will be determined the type of excavation performed.

Excavation work for site development is something that most people are familiar with. This entails digging a hole for a house’s foundation and grading the area around the house in preparation for landscaping. When a homebuilder wants to put in a swimming pool, a hole is also required.

Because of their versatility, backhoes are commonly used for smaller site excavation work. Backhoes have a boom on one end with a digging scoop and another end with a loader shovel attachment. Excavated material is hauled away in dump trucks or placed elsewhere on the property to be graded later.

While a backhoe is frequently used to dig the foundation hole, a front end loader is frequently used for grading. The loader on this machine is larger than the attachment on a backhoe, allowing it to grade large areas. Bucket loaders, scoop loaders, and shovels are all terms used to describe front end loaders.

Fishing lakes, bodies of water used for pleasure fishing at a person’s home, may also be familiar to homeowners. Pools, ranch lakes, and stock tanks are all terms used to describe them. Backhoes are used excavation companies to dig these large holes.

Site development is also required for large construction projects. When a company constructs a new office building, excavation work is required to dig out the foundation. Excavators will dig out the foundation and bulldozers will transfer excavated dirt and grade the large expanses of land in large projects like this.

Rather than hiring a separate contractor to do the trenching for electrical lines and plumbing, a construction company will frequently hire machine operators. The size of the backhoe they use for trench work will be determined the amount of material they need to move with each scoop.

Contractors may use a skid steer loader for smaller excavation jobs. This loader is maneuverable and turns spinning the rear wheel to the right or left. A skid steer loader can be equipped with a backhoe attachment and other attachments, making it useful for a variety of smaller jobs. A skid steer loader is easier to transport to the job site due to its small size.