What Are the Different Types of Percussion Sets?

Percussion sets are collections of related percussive instruments or accessories that are packaged together. The brand, the types of instruments included in the set, and the type of music the set is used for are the most common ways to identify them. Each band and each part of a percussion section, also known as a drum line, has its own set of percussion instruments. When programming electronic music, electronic musicians also use digital percussion sets. A one-man drum set, such as those used rock bands and jazz combos, is usually the most well-known type of percussion set.

Minor components of percussion sets can differ greatly from one another, despite the fact that they often have the same basic parts. The parts of a percussion set are usually built a percussionist to suit his performance when they are not in a pre-designed set sold a drum manufacturer. Sets can be for one person to play or for an entire drum section to play.

These sets can be electronic, producing a digital sound from speakers rather than a live sound from a drum, in addition to the more common organic percussion set. To create programmed beats for use in music, an electronic musician uses software-based percussion sets created for his electronic percussion program. In general, each set is programmed to include the instruments associated with a specific musical genre. A rock music drum set, a Latin set, or an electronic glitch percussion set are examples of percussion sets that can be used in an electronic drum program.

A drummer’s sit-down set in a jazz or rock band is commonly referred to as a drum set. Drum sets can be as basic as a snare drum, kick drum, and cymbal or hi-hat, or they can be customized to include almost any type of auxiliary percussion instrument. Cowbells, wood blocks, and wind chimes are examples of auxiliary percussion. Cymbals of various sizes, such as the standard ride cymbal, splash cymbals, and crash cymbals, are found in most drum sets. Bongos, congas, and shakers are percussion sound accessories that can add a Latin or island vibe to a drum set.

Percussion sets are also known as percussion accessory sets. For the percussive instrument known as the marimba, a musician can purchase sets of mallets. Drummers can purchase percussion accessories in sets that are tailored to specific drum sets. Cymbal and drum head sets are among the other sets available.