What Are the Different Types of Television Internships?

The majority of internships in television involve helping with the production process. Internships in technical, marketing, and audience research aspects of producing a television show or news program are available in addition to production. In addition to sports and news shows, there are a variety of entertainment genres to work with. The majority of television internships are for a limited time and offer college credit.

In terms of television internships, undergraduates do not have a monopoly. Internship opportunities for graduate students can also be found on a number of television shows and news programs. Some of them provide a stipend as well as college credit. Even if the internship is unpaid, there is usually the expectation that the intern will receive college credit or be assigned additional college coursework.

Assisting a producer, his assistants, or coordinators is a common part of many television internships. Depending on their areas of interest, major networks may sponsor a broad internship program that allows interns to work on a variety of prime time or daytime shows. Interns are exposed to all aspects of the production process and may have the opportunity to help produce and create certain segments of the show. There may also be some exposure to the process of script writing.

Interns who are interested in the technical aspects of producing a show are also needed for television shows. Camera work, lighting, editing, and taping are all covered in these internships. Although the work is less creative and strategic, it exposes the student to the behind-the-scenes aspects of television production. Some networks offer graphics internships that focus on creating the on-air graphical layout for the show.

Several cable and local networks offer production, technical, newsroom, and audience research television internships for students interested in producing live news segments. Because cable news networks broadcast 24 hours a day, they may provide a little more variety. One of the strategic operations or audience research internships may be of interest to business administration students who are interested in operations, marketing research, or the strategic side of running a news network.

Students can participate in television internship programs sponsored companies and professional associations. Rather than attempting to find available internships with a variety of companies, these programs concentrate on matching students with the best available internship in a specific geographic location or discipline. Animation, entertainment news, casting, scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, and television development, which includes show creation and sales pitching, are some of the internship categories available.