What are the Different Types of Vet Tech Jobs?

People who want to work as a veterinary technician, or vet tech, can choose from a variety of positions. The majority of vet tech jobs are found through private clinics or through animal hospitals. These technicians may collaborate with veterinarians to treat animals that have been brought in their owners. Other veterinary technician jobs can be found in the research field, where they test medications or work with laboratory animals. Vet techs may also work at zoos, animal shelters, and an assortment of rescue leagues.

Most veterinary technicians find vet tech jobs through private animal clinics or animal hospitals. They usually work alongside a licensed veterinarian, but job responsibilities differ from clinic to clinic. In general, they are in charge of keeping track of general information like a pet’s weight, temperature, and any medical conditions it may have. They may give vaccinations, conduct medical tests, brush an animal’s teeth, or take blood samples. They may also assist the veterinarian during surgery and speak with pet owners about their pets’ condition during or after surgery.

Other veterinary technician positions can be found in the research or laboratory fields. In those cases, the technician might work for a research facility, a college, a university, or a veterinary school. She could investigate the effects of various drugs on sick animals or devise a new method for taking animal x-rays.

Vet techs are occasionally hired to work with animals in laboratories that study the effects of drugs on humans. A new cancer drug, for example, might be given to a cancer-ridden rat to see how it works. The vet tech may be in charge of giving the rat the medication, feeding it, or euthanizing it.

Although zoos employ only a small percentage of veterinarians, rescue leagues and animal shelters employ a few more. In a zoo, she may engage in educational activities with the public. She may also feed or clean the cages of various zoo animals. A vet tech may be hired rescue leagues and animal shelters to work with abused animals or to simply provide basic care to lost or abandoned dogs and cats.

Some veterinary technician jobs do not require the technician to work directly with animals. A vet tech, for example, might sell drugs to veterinarians in a specific area. They may not actually administer any drugs, despite the fact that they must understand how their product works and the benefits and drawbacks associated with the drugs. This may be the ideal type of tech job for some people.