What Are the Essential Skills for a Receptionist?

There are some skills that a receptionist must possess in order to be hired and succeed in an office setting. By far the most important are interpersonal skills; because the receptionist will be interacting with a variety of people every day and representing the company, it is critical that he or she is friendly and professional. Furthermore, the ability to multitask is critical, as receptionists may be busy answering phones, sending emails, and conversing with people in person at any given time. A receptionist’s ability to use office equipment such as phone systems, computers, and fax machines is also required.

Regardless of the type of business, the majority of a receptionist’s job entails answering phones and assisting people who walk in. As a result, good communication skills and interpersonal skills are among the most important skills for a receptionist. He or she should always be friendly, polite, and professional, and have a pleasant phone voice and demeanor. In order to answer questions quickly and accurately, the ability to engage people in conversation is also important, as is extensive knowledge of the business.

Multitasking skills are also important for a receptionist to possess. Most receptionists will be extremely busy throughout the day, answering ringing phones, assisting visitors, and performing other administrative tasks on the computer. Many are also in charge of scheduling meetings, ordering lunches, and preparing specific reports. As a result, excellent organizational skills go hand in hand with multitasking abilities. Without constant reminders or instructions from superiors, a receptionist should be able to stay organized and on top of certain tasks.

Additionally, certain general office skills for a receptionist are required. Receptionists and office assistants should be able to operate multi-line telephone systems, computers, and office software such as word processing and spreadsheet programs, as well as other office equipment such as a copy machine and fax machine. Most receptionists should be able to type a certain number of words per minute and have a keen eye for detail in order to catch errors. Multilingual receptionists are in high demand in some parts of the world to provide excellent customer service to the entire customer base. Other skills may be listed in the job description some employers, but these are the most common.