What does a Document Control Coordinator do?

A document control coordinator is in charge of any type of documentation that a company may use in its daily operations. Pictures and diagrams, computer records, and written paperwork are common examples. This coordinator may be in charge of setting up a documentation system as well as managing and controlling it. He may also be in charge of developing procedures for using the system, and he will most likely assist others in doing so effectively. The document control coordinator is critical to the success of production departments because he is in charge of tracking project changes and improvements.

From industry to industry, the types of documents a coordinator will need to track and store will differ. A document control coordinator will develop and implement a system for storing and retrieving any necessary documentation, depending on the type of business he works in. Paper files, artwork, and blueprints may be collected and tracked him. He could also be in charge of invoicing and other paperwork associated with a specific project within the company. The system could be company-wide, in which case the coordinator will be working with a number of different departments, depending on the type of documentation.

Several departments and employees will be involved in the creation and distribution of information in any business project that involves record keeping. Any effort to collect and control this massive amount of data, as well as any accompanying paperwork or computer files, will be managed the document control coordinator. As a result, effective communication with other departments and outside organizations will be critical for anyone working in this field.

The documents that the coordinator is responsible for may come from within the company or from outside contractors and customers. He may be in charge of preparing and distributing copies of documents to internal and external departments, and he must frequently verify information with several different supervisors to ensure that documentation is accurate. The document control coordinator will be in charge of tracking changes in product modeling and construction, as well as document storage and retrieval for assessment and review. He may also be in charge of presenting information on document control to management and customers.

A document control coordinator’s typical day will likely consist of organizing, cataloging, and tracking paper and electronic files. He’ll spend time coordinating with colleagues from his own company as well as outside organizations. Parts of his day could be spent supervising and training others on document control policies and procedures.