What Does a Hairdressing Trainee Do?

A hairdressing trainee assists licensed hair stylists with various hair care, grooming, and styling tasks. A stylist trainee may also be expected to keep a salon clean and tidy, schedule appointments, answer product questions, and even sell beauty products to customers, in addition to these responsibilities. While gaining hands-on experience, a hairdressing trainee may be required to attend formal classroom training.

Individuals interested in pursuing a long-term hairdressing career typically seek out hairdressing trainee positions. These individuals frequently intend to pursue formal hairdressing training and become licensed or certified as a hairstylist in the future. In many cases, prior enrollment in a cosmetology program is required in order to work as a hairdressing trainee at the same time. Many of these jobs are obtained through a formal course or program that provides trainee job placement.

Hairdressing trainees are typically expected to assist full-fledged stylists in providing service to clients. Scheduling appointments, greeting clients, providing refreshments, and ensuring that clients have a positive salon experience are just a few examples. Shampooing and blow-drying a client’s hair, preparing clients for individualized treatments, and cleaning common areas may also be required of a hairdressing trainee.

Some salons sell their own styling products to customers, while others promote and sell other haircare products. When this is the case, a hairdressing trainee is frequently expected to understand the product’s finer points and be available to inform clients about them or answer product questions as needed. Clients may also be recommended certain styling products some trainees.

While many trainees are not yet licensed to work as individual stylists, others have recently been licensed and may be required to gain trainee experience before working in a salon. Qualified trainees may be able to cut a client’s hair, add color to a style, and perform other styling tasks. Typically, this is done under the supervision of a more experienced stylist in order to ensure that procedures are carried out correctly and that both the stylist trainee and the client are satisfied with the trainee’s work.

The majority of people seek out hairdressing trainee positions as a way to advance their careers. With careful research and career planning, it is frequently recognized that actual salon experience is beneficial to eventually becoming a good stylist. Working as a trainee can help future stylists gain confidence and prepare them for a variety of hair types and styles, as well as different salon requests.