What Does a Key Technician Do?

The creation, service, and repair of keys and locks are the primary responsibilities of any key technician. Key technicians are also known as locksmiths in some markets. A person working in this field must have a thorough understanding of a wide range of key and lock patterns. A large part of the job entails copying keys and making keys to fit specific locks. Helping property owners regain access to their properties after being locked out is also important, as is maintaining and repairing damaged keys and locks.

Working with keys is the primary responsibility of most key technicians, as the job title implies. Simple key copying is a common part of this job, but technicians can also make keys from scratch to fit specific locks. Casting and metallurgy skills are usually required.

Advanced technicians may be involved in the actual lock-making process. Locks for homes and offices are frequently custom-designed technicians, who then create unique keys to open them. This job usually includes a lot of lock installation. A fundamental understanding of key and lock construction, installation, and maintenance is one of the most important key technician requirements.

Lock creation and installation is sometimes done on a project-by-project basis. Property owners and technicians are more likely to form long-term relationships. An office building or apartment complex, for example, might keep a key technician on retainer to help with lock maintenance and issues like lost or misplaced keys.

The majority of key technicians have been trained to open locks without keys. In most cases, this means that a key technician must be willing to travel to clients’ homes and make house calls. When people are locked out of their homes or cars, on-site services can be extremely beneficial. For opening locked doors, a key technician will usually have a variety of tools and tricks. If things get really bad, he or she may be able to make a new key right there on the spot.

For reasons other than technical difficulties, opening locked doors is a difficult task. Before picking locks or opening locked doors, key technicians will usually require proof of property ownership. Unless a person in need of a key has a prior relationship with a key technician or there is a clear emergency, the technician may be unwilling or unable to assist. This is especially true for mobile property such as cars and safes.

After assisting a person in regaining access to a locked property, a key technician is frequently called upon to fabricate and install new locks. When original keys are lost or misplaced, it’s common to be concerned that whoever finds them will have unrestricted access to the property. One of the most important key technician jobs in situations like this is creating new locks and issuing new keys.