What does a Lease Operator do?

A lease operator is a person hired an oil company to keep track of, maintain, and document oil extraction at the company’s pumps. This person will typically be responsible for monitoring equipment to ensure that it is operating properly, as well as repairing any issues or hiring the appropriate professionals to quickly resolve issues. Any oil taken from the ground must also be thoroughly documented the operator. This documentation may include information such as how much oil was taken each day, where it went, and how it was transported.

In effect, a lease operator is similar to the manager of an oil rig or other large-machinery location. It is critical for a company to have a lease operator to handle the day-to-day operations of this expensive machinery as well as any problems or questions that may arise. An on-site manager may be required in the event of an emergency or to provide structure and support to employees. A lease operator is likely to be hired companies that own large oil rigs or other machinery.

Because a lease operator must be able to maintain expensive machinery, having some type of mechanical training is usually a plus. Because most rigs and machines use computer components, some knowledge of electronic systems is also required. The filing systems used in the office may also necessitate some training and experience. Despite the fact that lease operators do not require a specific degree, they do require a certain set of skills and mindsets.

For example, a person who considers himself creative but isn’t comfortable doing paperwork or staying in the same place for long periods of time is unlikely to enjoy working as a lease operator. The type of person who thrives under a strict set of rules and regulations, on the other hand, will likely excel in this position. Those who are well-equipped for physical labor and have a basic understanding of mechanics will have a better chance of succeeding.

After being hired, an applicant will almost certainly attend a company-provided course or training to better prepare him or her for the tasks that will be performed during regular lease operator duties. An understanding of the oil industry, as well as a higher education, may be beneficial in obtaining the position. Oil companies that are looking to hire lease operators value field knowledge, so it is common for them to hire from within.