What Does a School Receptionist Do?

School receptionists are administrative assistants who perform a variety of office tasks and provide customer service to administrators in educational settings. In addition to having a high school diploma or equivalent certification, these individuals must be outgoing and have strong written and verbal communication skills. A school receptionist is responsible for both meeting the needs of the public and managing the written documents of his or her organization. He or she is also in charge of properly using office technology and staying up to date on school corporation policies.

A school receptionist’s main responsibility is to attend to the needs of the general public. He or she, for example, provides information to parents or students who come to the school office and, if necessary, directs them to the appropriate personnel or locations. This type of person also answers the phone, transferring callers to other employees or officials as needed. As a result, he or she must have excellent customer service skills and consistently use proper phone etiquette. He or she may be required to arrange for homework to be sent home to absent students or to keep track of student and parent absence calls.

Another important task in a job position in this field is keeping track of an institution’s paperwork. To obtain data, maintain school records, and distribute mail to office employees quickly and accurately, a person interested in becoming a school receptionist must be organized. In addition to other records, he or she may be in charge of filing teachers’ lesson plans and keeping track of faculty members’ absences.

Someone working in this field must also know how to use office technology. He or she should be able to operate office equipment such as facsimile machines or copiers, as well as draft correspondence and reports for school leaders using attendance software and computer word processing software. As a result, a school receptionist must have excellent typing skills.

Working in this industry necessitates staying current on a school district’s policies. To ensure that he or she works safely and maintains the safety of other students and guests, a professional in this field must stay up to date on his or her employer’s health and safety regulations. A person who works as a school receptionist must also keep his or her knowledge of business technologies as well as techniques for completing tasks such as filing as up to date as possible. He or she must also be capable of instilling new protocols and procedures in new employees.