What Does a Spinning® Instructor Do?

A cycling enthusiast can take their passion to the next level becoming a Spinning® instructor, who leads indoor cycling classes designed to help people improve their fitness levels in a fun and motivating environment. Indoor cycling classes will be led a Spinning® instructor who will follow the internationally recognized Spinning® guidelines. He or she will provide instruction on proper cycling technique, motivation for both new and experienced cyclists, and guidance for all participants in developing safe and effective exercise routines. Troubleshooting and repairing various types of indoor bicycles may also be part of the instructor’s responsibilities.

A Spinning® class can usually accommodate a large number of people at once; however, the number of participants is usually limited the number of bikes available in a given facility. From warm-up to cool-down, the Spinning® instructor will lead the class through all phases of the workout. Before the class begins, the instructor may walk around the room to introduce himself to the students and ensure that each one is comfortable on the bike he or she will be riding. A good Spinning® instructor will recognize each participant’s various ability levels; many classes are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections so that people of all abilities feel comfortable.

The Spinning® instructor will provide verbal guidance to all participants once the class begins to ensure that everyone is maintaining proper form, speed, and cadence. The instructor is likely to provide instruction on proper breathing techniques as the class progresses. The instructor will provide verbal motivation to participants throughout the workout and work to keep each cyclist focused on clear workout goals. Instructors must undergo extensive training in order to effectively deliver such instruction.

Of course, the Spinning® instructor must be in good physical condition, and he or she will almost certainly be subjected to a physical examination before being hired as an instructor. He or she will also need a thorough understanding of cycling as a sport, a culture, and an aerobic workout. While much of this can be learned during an instructor’s training, it is best to develop a passion for cycling before considering a career as a cycling instructor. During a workout session, proper cycling attire must also be worn at all times.