What Does a Sports Announcer Do?

A sports announcer is someone who narrates the events of a sporting event that is broadcast on television, radio, or other forms of media. The specific responsibilities of a sports announcer can vary depending on the type of media he or she is using and the sport being described, but in general, an announcer is responsible for relaying the game’s events to the audience in a meaningful and clear manner. To avoid dead air during the broadcast, the announcer will need to do some research on various players, events, and history before the game begins.

To announce a game, most networks will hire multiple sports announcers. The primary sports announcer will be in charge of narrating the game’s play-by-play action, while a color commentator will add bits of dialogue and interesting facts to make the broadcast more entertaining and relevant for listeners. These announcers don’t get much screen time on television, only appearing at the start and end of games. The announcers may appear during pauses in a game in some cases, but this is not always the case. However, because their voices are heard throughout the broadcast, the sports announcer’s tone and diction must be clear and understandable.

The sports announcer’s job entails a significant amount of research. He or she must have a thorough understanding of how a specific game is played, but more importantly, the announcer must stay up to date on major sporting news, individual player stats, and stand-topics to avoid dead air during the broadcast. Announcers must be aware of events as they occur and be able to clearly describe them to a listening audience. This necessitates a thorough understanding of the game, as well as a strong desire to participate in sports. To keep listeners engaged, the announcer must inject excitement and enthusiasm into the broadcast.

There is no one-size-fits-all path to becoming a sports announcer. Some announcers simply have a passion for a particular sport, and they begin their careers as announcers for local radio or television stations. They will be able to progress through the ranks as time goes on. Others pursue degrees in broadcast journalism or related fields in order to prepare for a career in broadcasting. After their playing careers are over, many former athletes work as announcers.