What Does a Sports Instructor Do?

A sports instructor is someone who is in charge of teaching a group or individual the rules and techniques of a particular sport. Private companies, such as gyms and fitness centers, training facilities, and recreational companies, may hire these instructors to provide instruction to customers who want to develop a specific set of skills. To become a sports instructor, no specific level of education is required, but the individual must have significant experience and skill in the sport in question. Although many employers prefer candidates who have earned degrees, college degrees are not always required.

Most sports instructor positions are sport-specific, meaning that the instructor will most likely teach skills and techniques for one sport rather than several, though some instructors are well-versed enough in a variety of sports to effectively instruct others. All sports instructor positions will receive additional training in first aid and CPR, ensuring that each instructor is prepared in the event of an emergency. Some instructors may be required to be certified governing bodies that regulate specific sports or athletic training, while others may be exempt.

A sports instructor’s job duties may include preparing new athletes for a specific sport developing training programs; instructing participants on how to perform specific motions or actions related to a sport; teaching muscle building and recovery techniques; and discussing healthy habits such as eating right, exercising, resting, stretching, and staying in shape. In general, the sports instructor is responsible for the safety of workshop or lesson participants, and he or she must follow proper procedures to avoid injury to himself and others.

Any person aspiring to be a sports instructor must possess excellent communication skills. That person must want to work with a variety of people, effectively communicate complex ideas, and be concerned about the well-being of others. The instructor must also be enthusiastic about the sport he or she teaches. In order for an instructor to be effective, they must have a thorough understanding of each game; a basic understanding of sports is a good start, but the best instructors understand the rules of each sport, the best procedures for performing well in those sports, and training methods that will improve a person’s performance in the game.