What does a Tool Crib Attendant do?

A tool crib attendant usually works for a company that has a tool crib where the company’s employees’ tools are stored. To ensure that the tool crib is properly stocked and maintained, the attendant usually works in both a clerical and practical capacity. This means he or she will ensure that tools are checked out and returned correctly, conduct inventory checks to ensure that no tools are missing, and keep track of the tools in general. He or she will usually keep the tools in good working order grinding, sharpening, and using other appropriate maintenance methods.

A tool crib is a storage area for hand tools and other equipment used large manufacturing companies and similar businesses. A tool crib attendant is someone who works for a company like this and is in charge of supervising the tool crib to ensure that the tools are stored and handled properly. He or she will typically have a broad understanding of a variety of tools and how to use them, as well as proper tool care and maintenance. Some businesses may also hire multiple attendants to help with a variety of tasks.

With regard to the tools in the tool crib, a tool crib attendant will typically work in both a clerical and a maintenance capacity. The attendant in a clerical or administrative position will usually supervise the use of tools in the crib and ensure that they are properly signed for as they are used. He or she will make certain that other employees sign out and inspect tools before they go out and when they return. A tool crib attendant may also conduct periodic inventories to ensure that no tools are missing.

Someone in this position is typically expected to do some maintenance work as well. He or she will usually be responsible for properly caring for the crib’s tools and ensuring that they are ready to use when needed. This work may entail lubricating tools, grinding or sharpening them as needed, and ensuring that new tools are ordered as needed. When a company employs multiple tool crib attendants, one may focus on maintenance, particularly with expensive tools and equipment, while others handle administration and inventory.