What does a Traffic Lawyer do?

A traffic lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in traffic law and defends clients against citations and other traffic violations. Although the majority of cases go through traffic court without incident, there may be times when a driver wishes to contest the charge. A driver may choose to represent himself in court in some cases, but in more serious cases, the individual may choose to hire a traffic lawyer.

While some traffic violation lawyers practice in other areas of law, the majority focus on traffic violations. A traffic lawyer can prosecute or defend civil cases involving motor vehicles in addition to defending traffic violations. When one party files a lawsuit against another, usually as a result of a traffic accident, this happens. When a case goes to court, the attorney must often spend a significant amount of time researching not only the facts of the case, but also legal precedents.

A traffic lawyer should represent a driver’s best interests in both criminal and civil court in the event of an accident. If a police officer believes a driver is at fault in a traffic accident, for example, he or she will most likely issue a citation to that driver. If the driver does not believe he is at fault, he can contest the citation in court. This could have an impact on not only the payment of the citation, but also on insurance claims. It may be in the accused driver’s best interests to retain the services of a traffic lawyer.

Drivers who are in danger of losing their license due to too many violations are also represented traffic lawyers. Fighting the charges could be the only way to keep your driver’s license. Even if the charges are not being fought, a traffic lawyer may be able to help save at least some limited driving privileges highlighting hardships or extenuating circumstances. Judges frequently make exceptions for people who need to drive to and from work, stipulating that the license be used only for that purpose.

A traffic lawyer is frequently called upon to defend a client accused of driving while inebriated. These cases can be extremely serious, resulting in hefty fines and even prison time. Furthermore, even if it is the first violation, those who are found in violation of this law will almost certainly lose their license for a period of time. Even if the driver intends to plead guilty, a traffic lawyer can work to ensure that the driver gets the best possible deal.