What Does an Assistant Project Manager Do?

An assistant project manager usually reports to and assists a company’s or organization’s project manager or director. Specific responsibilities vary greatly depending on the industry. Strong communication skills, organizational ability, and computer skills are all required for this position. Other job requirements include attention to detail, data analysis, report preparation, and phone skills. The educational requirements for this position are set the individual employer and can range from a high school diploma to a graduate degree.

The assistant project manager’s job is to provide assistance to the project manager or project director. Whereas a project manager may deal with and make decisions about larger project-related issues, the assistant is usually in charge of the project details. In a business setting, the assistant manager might make follow-up calls to clients, take minutes at meetings, and analyze project data, for example. Because the assistant is so familiar with the company’s projects, he or she may be able to fill in for the project manager when he is sick or on vacation.

The specific responsibilities of an assistant project manager can vary greatly depending on the industry and work environment. When the project manager is in charge of a process, the assistant’s responsibilities may be limited to logistical tasks and/or working with data. When a project manager is in charge of a group of people, the assistant may be asked to help with coordinating, planning, and supervising team members as needed. Assistants are frequently involved in both process and people-related tasks.

Assistant project managers are required to have different qualifications depending on their industry, company, and job. Assistants typically have strong organizational skills as well as the ability to multitask. To communicate effectively with the project manager, members of the project team, and clients, strong communication skills are required. Typing skills and knowledge of a variety of industry-specific computer applications are required for the majority of jobs in this field. The educational requirements for this position vary widely, with some requiring only a high school diploma and others requiring advanced degrees in specific fields.

An assistant project manager can work in an office, on the job, at home, or a combination of these places. When working as a telecommuter for a large company, an assistant may be able to complete all tasks from home using phone, email, and web conferencing tools. Some assistant project managers travel plane, car, or public transportation on a regular basis. Others work full-time in the company or organization’s office.