What does an English Teacher do?

In general, English teachers teach students in middle school, high school, and college how to read and write in English. Grammar, composition, reading comprehension, literature, and other subjects are covered. English instructors teach very specialized classes in topics like middle English, writing short stories, literary theory, and more in college-level programs for English majors. An English teacher’s responsibilities will vary depending on the level of students he or she instructs.

At the middle school level, an English teacher might teach more generalized classes that cover a wide range of topics such as grammar, composition, and literature. A high school English teacher may instruct students in both general classes and specific subjects like creative writing. English professors at the college level frequently teach classes focused on very specific topics, such as American literature, novel writing, journalism, and so on.

Depending on where an English teacher teaches, he or she may teach as many as six class periods per day or as few as two or three. An English teacher’s typical daily responsibilities include planning, assigning, and grading lessons and homework, as well as evaluating students and preparing progress reports. In the classroom, they teach students through lectures and hands-on activities.

As part of their job, English teachers in middle and high school meet and interact with parents to provide updates on student progress. English teachers at the college and university levels frequently hold office hours during which they meet with students one-on-one to answer questions and provide more personalized instruction. Teachers of English at colleges and universities are frequently professionals in fields such as poetry, novel writing, and journalism.

Some English teachers travel to countries where English is not the native language to teach English to the locals. In non-English-speaking countries, English teachers may teach young students or university students, or they may teach classes for businesses or corporations. Japan, Brazil, and Spain are among the countries where English teachers are in high demand.

English teachers’ educational requirements will vary depending on where they teach. At the middle and high school levels, they will typically require a bachelor’s degree as well as a teaching credential. Teachers of English in middle and high schools are sometimes referred to as language arts teachers. Professors who teach English in colleges and universities usually have a master’s or doctorate degree. A four-year degree is frequently required to teach English abroad, and depending on the country, English-as-a-second-language certification may also be required.