What Does an Event Manager Do?

An event manager is a person who organizes and manages events such as parties, receptions, and conventions. Depending on the event manager’s employment situation, he may work for a vendor, such as a hotel or other venue where events are frequently held, or he may work on his own. The amount of responsibility that event managers take on varies, but in many cases, they are in charge of the event’s logistics and the coordination of all vendors who will be involved in the event.

While many people can plan small parties and social get-togethers in their own homes, larger events, especially when multiple third-party providers of goods and services are involved, can be difficult to coordinate. A good event manager can work with a host or hostess to understand their vision for the event, assess the budget and resources available, and then choose vendors who are appropriate for the event. An event manager’s primary responsibility on the day of the event is to ensure that goods and services are delivered as promised and that the event runs smoothly.

An event manager’s role may differ slightly from that of an independent event manager if he works for a banquet hall, hotel, or other venue. Because many event venues have strict policies regarding the use of outside vendors, an event planner in such a venue would primarily serve as a liaison between the person or organization planning the event and the property’s approved or in-house vendors. The event planner could advise his client on what services, such as catering, flowers, or even a dance floor and DJ, are required for the event. He’d also make sure that the venue space is properly set up for the event, and that caterers and other vendors, as well as support staff, do their jobs.

Independent event managers, on the other hand, may be held to a higher standard. The event manager might be in charge of finding a venue and negotiating the cost of renting the space as well as its amenities. If the venue allows third-party vendors like caterers and florists, the event planner may also be in charge of ordering food and decorations for the event room. She will, however, be responsible for on-site coordination on the day of the event, just like other types of event managers.