What Does an Insurance Sales Representative Do?

An insurance sales representative assists people and businesses who require insurance in selecting the best product. These insurance salespeople typically work for a single insurance company, selling only that company’s products. Some may work for insurance brokers who handle multiple companies’ policies, in which case they are familiar with a wide range of insurance options available to their clients. It’s also possible to specialize in specialized insurance products, such as maritime insurance, and provide highly skilled service to customers who require these services.

Many non-professionals are unfamiliar with insurance. They understand the fundamental concept and may have an idea of the types of needs that a policy must meet, such as when people buy car insurance and want to ensure that they meet the government’s insurance requirements. An insurance representative consults with clients, explaining the various types of insurance available, learning more about the client’s situation, and making recommendations for insurance and coverage options.

In a simple example of what an insurance sales representative might do, when a customer comes in looking for home insurance, the representative might discuss the various policies available and ask the client questions about the house’s value, location, income, and so on. The representative could make coverage recommendations and provide rough premium estimates for various types of policies. A bundled insurance option may be discussed the insurance sales representative. When buying home and car insurance at the same time, for example, you might be able to get a better deal.

To work as an insurance sales representative, you must have a thorough understanding of insurance as well as strong sales and communication skills. People who sell insurance in some areas are required to have government certification and may be required to complete certain training requirements. In some cases, no specialized training is required; however, insurance companies prefer to hire people with sales experience and may provide new employees with training courses to familiarize them with the company’s products and philosophy.

Working in the insurance industry allows people to interact with a wide range of people and to deal with a wide range of situations. In addition to having good people skills, it helps to be compassionate, flexible, and attentive. It’s impossible to predict which type of client will walk through the door. Many people dislike shopping for insurance, especially when it comes with a major purchase like a home, which is already stressful, and they may appreciate an attentive insurance sales representative who alleviates much of the transaction’s stress. Others may enjoy the process of comparing products and questioning a salesperson about their options.