What Does an outside Sales Representative Do?

Outside sales representatives’ specific job responsibilities vary industry, but they are typically responsible for making sales calls to both existing and potential clients. These sales representatives are usually assigned a territory to work in, and they are frequently required to travel within that territory to meet with clients. Outside sales representatives are typically responsible for maintaining contact with clients and providing face-to-face support both before and after a sale. Salespeople who deal with technical equipment and software frequently offer additional assistance, such as installing equipment or training employees.

To sell their products, many companies hire inside and outside salespeople. Outside salespeople, who are in charge of going out and making sales calls, are usually supported inside sales representatives. An outside sales representative will usually have a list of existing clients that he calls on on a regular basis to provide support and generate new sales agreements, usually within a specific geographic area. They are frequently called upon to meet with potential new clients. Some sales territories are small, while others necessitate extensive travel the outside sales representative.

Outside sales jobs are similar to other sales jobs in that outside sales representatives must be extremely knowledgeable about the products, equipment, or software they are selling. It is possible to start a career in outside sales without having extensive prior industry knowledge, though those with relevant experience from previous jobs often have an advantage. Because these salespeople can be responsible for selling anything from car parts to pharmaceuticals to software, the specific knowledge required to be an outside sales representative varies widely from one industry to the next.

Outside sales representatives often provide support in addition to serving as a point of contact and drafting sales agreements. This is common in highly technical fields, particularly when the sales representative is dealing with complex equipment or software. These salespeople are frequently on hand to assist with the setup of new computer systems and other similar equipment. They frequently conduct informal training sessions or arrange for formal training so that a client’s employees can learn how to use new equipment or software. Outside sales representatives are frequently available for long-term support, particularly if there are any issues with the equipment or software later on.