What Is a Group Dance?

As a type of social dance, group dances are choreographed simultaneous dances designed to be performed in groups of three or more. Choreographed group dancing is a popular folk dance style in many countries and cultures. These dances are frequently seen at parties, school dances, and other group gatherings. There are many different types of group dancing, including square dancing, line dancing, and maypole dancing. The Macarena, the Bunny Hop, and the Time Warp are all examples of group dances that have become popular.

A group dance can often be choreographed from start to finish. Choreographed group dances can be seen on television and in movies, as well as at sporting events and pep rallies and the occasional impromptu flash mob. A flash mob is a guerrilla performance group that performs choreographed group dances in public spaces without the permission of the space’s owners. This type of group dance usually follows a performance costume theme, such as pirates or zombies, or re-enacts a well-known dance sequence, such as the one from “Risky Business.”

Dance moves seen in music videos, television shows, and movies are frequently used to inspire group dance moves. A line dance inspired the movie “Footloose” was created to mimic the steps seen in the film. “The Madison,” a popular line dance inspired the film “Hairspray,” is one of the most popular.

Folk dances are choreographed dances that people perform together for fun. The line dance, which is a short, repetitive sequence of steps performed to music, usually country but occasionally disco, is a good example of this type of group dance. The Boot Scootin’ Boogie and the Cotton-Eyed Joe are two dances that are performed to songs with the same names.

The use of group dance at celebrations and gatherings is not limited to Western culture. The Bon dance is a traditional type of Japanese ceremonial group dance. The Bon festival, which honors the dead, features a special performance of this dance. Each region of Japan has its own version of the Bon dance.

People of all ages choreograph and perform group dances. Japan’s youth culture has its own styles of group dance. Para-Para is a type of group dance popular among Japanese nightclub patrons. Paralists are dancers who perform synchronized pre-learned dance moves, primarily with their arms.