What Is a Phone Banker?

A phone banker is a bank or credit union employee who works over the phone with bank customers and potential customers. Phone bankers’ responsibilities vary bank, but they typically include basic customer service, assisting customers with account setup, and informing customers about services and products that may be of interest to them. Customers will be referred to other divisions telephone bankers if their circumstances require more specialized assistance. Prior to being hired to provide telephone banking services, phone bankers typically have a background in customer service or telephone sales. Those who succeed in an entry-level position may advance to supervisory positions or, depending on their qualifications, to other areas of the banking industry.

Many people rely on technology to perform basic banking tasks like checking balances, confirming whether a check has been cashed, and transferring funds between accounts. While many banks have automated telephone systems and websites that can provide this information without the need to speak with a live person, if a customer is unsure about the process or encounters a technical issue, a phone banker can help. A telephone banker can also answer a customer’s questions about policies and procedures, as well as assist in the resolution of account issues. In some cases, a phone banker may be called upon to provide additional assistance to a customer who has been the victim of fraud or theft. The banker might work with the customer to close and reopen accounts, cancel credit and debit cards, and collaborate with law enforcement to stop the fraud and apprehend the perpetrators.

Customers can get financial and banking advice from some telephone bankers. Many banks, for example, offer various types of checking and savings accounts, and a phone banker can review the customer’s banking history and make appropriate recommendations as to which account would be most beneficial to the customer. A phone banker may also be able to provide information on the bank’s investment opportunities, as well as assist the customer in opening and funding an investment account. Customers may also be able to get information about receiving loans from phone bankers, who can walk them through the online application process or provide information about the various types of loans available.