What is a Proctor?

There are three definitions for the word proctor, which is a shortening of the term procurator. A proctor’s first job was in the legal field, where he specialized in church law and maritime law. Wills were also proofed proctors. The proctor was sometimes a specialist in church law who represented Anglican Church ministers.

In today’s England, a proctor is a person appointed a university to supervise students who have not yet completed their master’s degrees. They are authorized to investigate any allegations of cheating, to keep young students behaving in a manner commensurate with the university’s dignity, to administer tests, and to confine misbehaving students to their dorms, known as gating.

In the United States, the term proctor is most commonly associated with people who administer tests, particularly standardized ones. A proctor administers the GRE, SAT, CBEST, MCAT, or any other standardized test you take. For a single standardized test, testing companies may use a large number of proctors. The proctor’s job is to distribute test booklets, monitor students for signs of cheating, and instruct students on when to start and stop sections of the test, ensuring the test’s integrity. The proctor is responsible for ensuring that tests are delivered safely to a supervising proctor or testing agency.

Many people apply to be proctors because the work is usually done on weekends and the pay is usually decent, ranging from $20 to $50 per hour. Each testing organization may have its own set of requirements. Some ask if you’ve taken the test you’ll be giving, while others just want to know if you can clearly communicate instructions to students.

The proliferation of online colleges and distance learning sites has resulted in more job opportunities for proctors. Because there are no faculty on hand to give regular finals, many tests and exams are administered solely proctors employed the distance learning facility. Some teachers use proctors for any test taking, even in online classes from a college physically located near students.

Consider contacting some of the standardized testing agencies in your area if you want to be a proctor. Although each will have its own set of requirements, many people find this mostly weekend work to be straightforward. It can be a pleasant way to supplement your income.

If you’re taking a test with a proctor, keep in mind that he or she isn’t there to help you with your test problems. The proctor’s primary responsibility may be to answer simple questions about the test as a whole. You can ask a proctor questions like, “What pages are we on now?” or “Where did I put my name again?” but you can’t ask for help with specific test questions.