What is a Symphonic Choir?

Any vocal ensemble or group of people who sing is known as a choir, also known as a chorus. A choir is made up of more than eight people who are divided into categories based on the type of music they perform, the number of parts they play, and whether they are males, females, or both. A symphonic choir is a group of singers who perform a wide variety of complicated musical literature.

A symphonic choir is found at many colleges with music programs, and many of them have performed internationally. A symphonic choir is usually made up of a small group of singers who audition for their parts in the choir. In order to be classified as a symphonic choir, a chorus must perform pieces with multiple movements in three or more parts.

A symphonic choir can perform with a full orchestra or without any musical accompaniment. A symphonic choir’s members usually have very strict voice qualities due to the wide range of musical compositions they perform. A symphonic choir’s members are able to sight read sheet music, maintain vocal tone and pitch, and blend their voices with the rest of the group to create a single large musical sound rather than many individual ones.

A conductor leads a symphonic choir, just as he does a symphonic orchestra. A symphonic choir’s members are generally placed according to vocal range, just as an orchestra’s instruments are divided into different sections. Students who audition for a symphonic choir in college typically receive credits for their efforts, and the experience is treated as a class. A symphonic choir’s performances include both public and competitive performances. A symphonic choir made up of students from Rider University’s Westminster Choir College is the Westminster Symphonic Choir. They have recorded performances with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and have performed with nationally renowned symphonic orchestras.