What is a Technical Crew?

A technical crew is made up of people who are responsible for the technical aspects of live performances and film and television productions. The technical crew is often referred to shortened versions of their official title, such as “tech crew” or “techies,” and is a popular choice for entertainment occupations. The size of a technical crew and the specific roles that members are expected to perform are determined the demands of a particular performance.

Behind the scenes, a tech crew oversees the technical details of a production’s creation, development, and operation. Members of the technical crew may also oversee various technical aspects of productions such as plays, concerts, musicals, operas, or circuses. The scope and size of the performance or production determine the roles and responsibilities that a crew takes on. A small performance may only require a couple of crew members, whereas a larger, more complex professional production, such as a film, may necessitate a technical crew with hundreds of members in multiple departments. The responsibilities of a tech crew can also shift as the needs of a live performance or production change.

Lighting, camera operations, sound direction, and stage and set management are just a few of the skills that a technical crew may have. A theatre production, for example, may necessitate a large and diverse tech crew to handle every stage of its development, from pre-production to production to the final performance. Technical crew members are expected to be familiar with the production equipment that is required for their department’s operation. All individuals involved in a production’s operation who are not performers are considered members of the technical crew, regardless of their department or specialty title.

The running crew is made up of members of a tech crew who handle operations backstage during a performance. The running crew is in charge of the technical aspects of a live performance in front of an audience, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. The live audience performance is usually where their responsibilities begin and end. When performers take on a role in managing technical aspects of the live production after their performance, they may be considered members of the running crew and thus the technical crew.