What Is Cello Rock?

Cello rock is rock and roll or metal music performed using a cello. Cellos are frequently amplified or distorted to make them more suitable for a particular genre of music. Apocalyptica is a well-known cello rock band best known for performing a set of Metallica covers on four cellos. Rasputina, Judgment Day, and Primitivity are other well-known bands in this genre.

The cello is the second largest of all stringed instruments, and it can be compared to the violin in size. The sound is created in the same way that the violin is — drawing a bow across the strings of the instrument — but the strings can also be plucked like a guitar. Cellos are usually found in classical music or as part of an orchestra, rather than in rock or metal music. When playing the cello, it is usually held upright.

One or more electric guitars, a bass guitar, a drummer, and a vocalist are typical elements of rock music. The origins of rock music can be found in early blues songs, but the genre as we know it today rose to prominence in the 1960s and has remained popular ever since. Punk, metal, and emo are just a few of the sub-genres of rock music. Cello rock is one of the many sub-genres of rock music that includes cellos and other stringed instruments, as well as some classical music elements.

Cello rock as a genre has a few distinguishing characteristics, but the most basic definition is rock music with cellos. Most cello rock bands distort or otherwise amplify the cello’s sound, and they frequently incorporate classical music elements into their songs. The songs are frequently accompanied rock or metal drumming, and rock or metal vocalists are occasionally featured. The cellos are frequently played at a faster pace than is customary, but this is necessary if the instruments are to fit into most rock songs.

Apocalyptica is the most well-known cello rock band, with six albums combining elements of traditional cello music with rock and roll. The band formed in 1993 and released an album that received critical acclaim and featured four cellos playing Metallica covers. More Metallica covers were included on their second album, as well as some covers of other bands like Pantera and Sepultura. They’ve released original cello rock music since then, both instrumentally and with rock vocalists.