What is Commercial Acting?

Commercial acting is a sub-discipline of acting that focuses on performing in commercials. Commercials are typically less than a minute long, necessitating special acting skills to ensure that the commercial’s message is conveyed adequately and appropriately to the audience. Commercial actors can earn a lot of money, and some may use commercials to break into film and television acting.

When a commercial airs, it must effectively sell a product to viewers. From a girl next door selling soda to a competent, reassuring doctor selling medications, a wide range of acting styles may be required. A good commercial actor can have a wide range of looks and acting abilities, ensuring that he or she will be in high demand for a variety of commercials.

Commercial acting, like other types of acting, can be demanding, and breaking into the industry can take a long time. Commercial acting classes are available for those interested in learning industry-specific tips and tricks, and most actors seek representation because open casting calls for commercials are uncommon. An agent can help an actor find work, as well as shape the actor’s appearance and skills to make him or her more marketable.

While a commercial may only be a few seconds long, filming it can take hours or even days. People who work in commercial acting must arrive early and work long, hard hours with a smile on their faces, even in inclement weather such as snow or while wearing uncomfortable clothing. Because commercials are so short, the actor’s appearance is given a lot of thought, and the actor may spend a lot of time being made up and touched up during the shoot to ensure that he or she looks flawless.

People who want to work in commercial acting should have their headshots taken and their resumes put together. An actor can attract the attention of an agent or make an appointment for an open casting call with a headshot and resume. As actors gain experience, it’s a good idea to compile a commercial reel, which is a collection of clips that highlight the actor’s abilities and experience. Reels can be customized for specific jobs or generalized for distribution to companies looking for actors an agent. It also helps to have memorable or distinguishing characteristics that help an actor stand out in a crowd, especially in markets where there are a lot of actors looking for work.