What is Computer Animation?

Computer animation is an art form that involves using computer technology to bring still images to life. This type of animation can be applied to both computer and film images. This technology is known as computer-generated imagery (CGI) when it is used in movies (CGI).

A still, or non-moving, image is first displayed in order to create computer animation. This image is then replaced with another image, keeping speed in mind. The new image is very similar to the previous one, but it has been slightly altered. Each subsequent image is slightly altered. The illusion of movement is created a combination of rapid image replacement and minor image alteration. Although computer technology is used in animation, the technique for creating the illusion of movement is similar to that used in television and film animation.

Consider a blank screen to better understand how computer animation creates movement. Consider a person drawn on the screen’s left side. Then imagine the screen goes blank again, and the next time you see the person’s image, it’s a little to the right of where it was before. The screen is blanked once more, and the person is shifted to the right. When viewed at a high speed, this slight movement of the image appears to move smoothly to the right.

The success of computer animation relies heavily on speed. Complete images, also known as frames, must be shown at speeds of at least 12 images per second to give the illusion of smooth movement. The human eye can detect a certain amount of jerkiness at slower speeds. Surprisingly, there is no benefit to showing images at speeds of 70 frames per second or higher, as there is no discernible improvement in movement perception at these speeds.

It’s not uncommon to use 15 frames per second when animating with traditional hand-drawn methods. This is done in order to reduce the number of drawings required to create the animation. Computer animation, on the other hand, is frequently used to create more realistic-looking images. As a result, more frames per second are usually required.

Computer animation requires the use of a computer and special animation software. Today’s market offers a wide range of animation software, with prices varying depending on the intended use. In general, animation software designed for beginners to have fun with or for simple animation is less expensive. Professional animation software is not only more expensive, but it is also more comprehensive. Even the most basic animation programs, on the other hand, can produce some stunning animations.