What is Pyrography?

Pyrography is a type of art in which burn marks are used to create images and other designs on wood, leather, and other materials. This art form, also known as wood burning or pokerwork, has been around for centuries. Ancient Egypt and a number of African tribes are both known to have used this technique.

To make pyrography art, all you need is a heated tool of some sort and a suitable surface to use as a canvas for the images. The tool’s tip is pressed against the surface, leaving a slightly scorched indentation. The artist’s desired image or design is created combining multiple applications. It’s possible to use sanded and relatively flat wood sections, or inscribe images onto objects like driftwood. Images can also be applied to tanned leather sections in the same way.

Pyography uses a variety of heating tools. Using a standard metal fire poker heated over an open fire is a simple method. It’s also possible to heat the tip of a wire section and use it to create highly detailed designs in leather or wood using this method. Artists who worked on this type of art learned how to shape various tips for use in the design over time. This enables the creation of images that resemble pen and ink sketches.

In addition to the traditional method, pyrography can also be created with the help of machinery. There are two distinct types of machines used to mass-produce this type of art. Wire-point machines allow for the creation of extremely detailed images and designs. Solid-point machines have a variety of tips ranging in size and shape, and they’re great for stamping an image onto wood or leather.

The type of wood used to create pyrography art has an impact on the final design’s appearance. Artists will use woods with a finer grain when a relatively plain background is required. Some artists, on the other hand, prefer wood with a more pronounced grain, incorporating the rich layers of shading into the design itself.

Other objects will be used some pyrography artists in addition to wood and leather. A hard-shell gourd that has been thoroughly dried is a popular alternative. By varying the size and dimensions of the gourds, an attractive set of art objects suitable for display in the home or office can be created. Gourds can be treated to enhance and protect the wood burns, just like wood can be sealed once the images are burned onto the surface, so the images last for years.