How can I Play a Comb?

Many people believe that learning to play the comb is difficult. This is not the case. To make music with a simple comb, there are no complicated lessons to learn and only a few simple tips to remember. In just a few minutes, you can learn how to play a comb properly preparing the comb and learning how to use the vibration of your voice.

It’s critical to warm up your musical instrument before attempting to play the comb. This is a very simple task to complete because only two components are required. First and foremost, a simple comb must be secured. The majority of people who play the comb recommend using a simple plastic pocket comb, though some prefer rat tail combs. After that, you’ll need a piece of paper. The paper needs to be large enough to fold over the comb’s teeth. This function is ideal for common wax paper from the kitchen or tissue paper used in gift wrapping. A comb kazoo is made up of these two components when they’re combined.

Fold the paper over your teeth and gently place the comb between your lips to begin playing with a comb. Take care not to put the comb in your mouth, as this will wet the paper. Firmly press your lips together, but don’t press too hard on the comb and paper.

You can start playing the comb once it is securely in place. This will entail humming a tune while remaining stationary with the comb. The vibrations created your voice will cause the paper to rattle as you hum. This activity produces a sound that is very similar to that of a kazoo. The notes produced the comb are determined the pitch of your voice. You can basically play a comb if you can hum a tune.

Making and playing comb kazoos is a great way to entertain younger children while also reminding people of folk art and music from the past. Almost anyone can enjoy playing a comb because it requires no expensive materials and no musical talent other than the ability to hum.