How do I Become a College Admissions Counselor?

Making the decision to work as a college admissions counselor can be both educational and rewarding. Admissions counselors frequently act as college recruiters and have the opportunity to work closely with prospective students. Some choose to work for private companies that help prospective college students narrow their school choices and put together effective admissions packages outside of the educational system. Working as a college admissions counselor can be a rewarding and fulfilling career for those who enjoy the idea of putting students on the path to college.

Although there is no set path to becoming a college admissions counselor, understanding the job’s requirements can aid in career planning. Admissions counselors work closely with both the school and prospective students, and they are often both counselors and administrators. Those working for a particular college must not only understand what the school is looking for in applicants, but also learn enough about each student to determine whether the school is the best fit for him or her. Private company admissions counselors must gain a clear picture of a student’s personality, goals, strengths, and weaknesses in order to assist him or her in putting together the strongest possible admission package.

Many college admissions counselors actively recruit students for their schools, and they may travel throughout the year to find potential students. Admissions counselors are frequently present at school fairs and events aimed at providing high school students with information about college options. An admissions counselor must be able to provide students with accurate, realistic information about the college while also keeping an eye out for exceptional students who would be desirable recruits in order to perform well in this role.

Because the job’s responsibilities are so varied, anyone interested in becoming a college admissions counselor will typically need extensive training in both administrative and counseling skills. Admissions counselors typically have a bachelor’s degree and a background in education, administration, psychology, or counseling. Administrative skills such as computer literacy, record keeping, and other general office skills may also be beneficial to someone aspiring to be a college admissions counselor. Those with no prior experience in the field should consider enrolling in a community college to learn computer and administrative skills, as well as taking psychology or business courses.

If you want to work as a college admissions counselor but don’t have any experience, contact local colleges to see if any entry-level positions in the admissions department are available. These jobs can provide valuable training as well as opportunities for entry-level workers to network in the field. Jobs in the admissions office are frequently available to college students as part of work-study programs designed to assist students in paying for their education. A college student can start preparing for his or her future career while also helping to reduce any debt owed to the school taking even a basic job in admissions.