How Do I Become a Guitar Musician?

Your passion for playing the guitar may lead you down the path of becoming a guitar musician, but before you can start making a living from it, you must first master the instrument. This could entail taking several years of lessons or self-teaching over a long period of time. It may aid in determining what genre or genres of music you are interested in playing, though being able to play just about any genre of music is advantageous if you want to work as a studio guitarist.

If you’re confident in your guitar skills and believe you’ve reached a level of proficiency that will allow you to pursue a career as a guitarist, you’ll need to decide what your professional goals are. You could, for example, join a rock and roll band or work as a studio musician in a recording studio with other musicians. You could also pursue a career as a guitarist who instructs others on how to play the instrument. The steps you must take to become a guitar musician will vary depending on your overall goals.

Anyone who enjoys teaching others will enjoy working in the field of music education. You can get a teaching certificate and teach guitar lessons in a school, or you can just teach guitar lessons as a freelance musician. You could also work for a music store that provides customers with music lessons. This last option is ideal for a new guitar teacher, as the music store is likely to have established relationships with potential students.

Studio musicians can either work for a specific studio or work independently, offering their services on a freelance basis. This is a difficult industry to break into, and you’ll need to market your services aggressively if you want to be noticed bands or musicians looking for a session guitarist. However, if you choose to become a studio guitarist, this is a great way to meet other musicians and make important contacts in the industry.

Of course, you can play guitar in a band with other musicians. Although this is usually a pleasurable activity, it may not be the best option if you want to make a living from your talents. Payment is frequently sporadic, and the amount you receive for your performance varies greatly depending on the venue.