How Do I Become a Zumba® Instructor?

Zumba® is a high-intensity dance and fitness class that incorporates traditional Latin dance moves with hip-hop, funk, stretching, and strength training. Because so many people want to have fun while getting in shape, becoming a Zumba® instructor can lead to a lucrative career. The only requirement for becoming a Zumba® instructor is to take a one-day course taught a licensed instructor, but many Zumba® instructors go above and beyond this basic training.

If someone wants to become a Zumba® instructor, it’s a good idea to familiarize themselves with the class format and the skills required. Hundreds of fitness centers and gyms offer Zumba® classes; in a large city, dozens of Zumba® classes may be held in a single day. Observing a class will help potential instructors understand the required energy level, the flow of a class, and the differences between good and bad Zumba® instructors. This can be beneficial training, both in terms of getting the body ready for a physically demanding job and in terms of giving future instructors ideas for how to run their classes.

Check with local gyms for Zumba® certification classes to find a training course. In addition, the Zumba® website maintains a searchable database of upcoming teacher training events organized location. The basic training course is usually one day long and costs money. Anyone can take the course and become a Zumba® instructor, but aspiring instructors should make sure they are physically fit enough to put in several hours of intense training.

A teacher can take a variety of additional Zumba® training courses to further his or her quest to become a Zumba® instructor. Advanced classes aren’t always available in every area, and they’re usually offered less frequently than the basic course. More advanced dance steps, modifications for adding strength training to the routine, and even a class on how to teach Zumba® in a pool may be offered Zumba® teachers. A person who wants to become a Zumba® instructor should take CPR or basic medical training classes in addition to official Zumba® classes to ensure their students’ safety during class.

However, becoming a Zumba® instructor necessitates more than just passing the class. New teachers may choose to apply for a position teaching at an existing fitness studio or gym, or rent a space and teach on their own. With either method, a teacher must begin planning a fun and engaging class that will attract students or can be used to demonstrate skills to potential employers. It may be beneficial to first teach a few “practice classes” to friends and family so that they can provide feedback on how to make the class better. It takes time to put together the right mix of music, moves, and motivation, but it pays off in the end with a room full of eager students ready for a great workout.