How Do I Become a Search Engine Evaluator?

A search engine evaluator is a telecommuter who assists in the analysis of search engine results. He assesses the relevance of a results page for a given search term and assists the search engine provider in providing more useful results to users. To work as a search engine evaluator, you’ll most likely need to be enrolled in college or hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Solid research skills and computer fluency are also required, and you must be able to pass the prospective company’s application process as well as any required tests in order to be considered for the position.

A completed bachelor’s or master’s degree, or a degree in progress, is required for the majority of search engine evaluator jobs. The major doesn’t matter, but if you want to work as a search engine evaluator and perform well, you’ll need a degree that teaches solid research, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Because technical skills are so important, your degree program should teach you how to use a basic productivity suite, conduct Internet research, and troubleshoot common computer issues. You should also have strong writing skills, be able to work independently in a telecommuting position, be able to manage your time effectively, and be able to comprehend written material online.

Although no specific work experience in search engine evaluation is required to become a search engine evaluator, most employers do prefer that you have some general work experience. Excellent problem-solving skills, computer literacy, and strong research skills are required for this job, so previous work experience in all three areas is highly desirable. Because most search engine evaluator jobs are associated with a specific country or language, you’ll almost certainly be required to meet the employer’s language proficiency or residency requirements in that country. A number of years of residency in a specific country and extensive knowledge of the country’s culture are two possible requirements.

Following your application to become a search engine evaluator, the company you choose may require you to go through a testing and training process. Some companies require you to take an initial test as part of the application process before moving forward with the hiring process, while others require you to take multiple comprehensive tests to determine your ability to do the job. Passing these tests and meeting any technical requirements, such as having a compatible computer, a high-speed Internet connection, security software, and supported web browsers, will determine your ability to work as a search engine evaluator.