How do I Become an Air Conditioning Repairman?

Post-secondary education, apprenticeship completion, and passing the air conditioning certification exam are the three paths to becoming an air conditioning repairman. Both residential and commercial air conditioning units are repaired an air conditioning repairman. As people become more reliant on air conditioners, this career is expected to grow faster than average over the next five to ten years.

People who enjoy working as an air conditioning repairman are skilled at working with their hands, are naturally outgoing, and enjoy solving problems. This type of job necessitates a commitment to lifelong learning. Air conditioning repairmen must ensure that they have learned the skills necessary to repair both newer and older units as new models and technology are introduced.

Completing a post-secondary air conditioning repair program is the first step toward becoming an air conditioning repairman. Community colleges and apprenticeships are the two types of programs available. A community college program lasts one to two years and includes classroom instruction as well as job placement. Graduates are qualified as air conditioning repair technicians at the end of the program.

Because the majority of the time is spent learning on the job in a full-time placement, an apprenticeship program usually lasts three to four years. Evening and weekend classes are used to complete the required course work. You must find a journeyman or master tradesman who is willing to take responsibility for your training in order to become an air conditioning repairman apprentice.

Apprenticeship is a paid position with a salary that is directly proportional to the skills learned. It’s not uncommon to be paid slightly more than minimum wage at the start of an apprenticeship, especially if the tasks are mostly manual labor. The hourly rate rises over time as new skills are learned and applied. Both the employer and the employee invest in an apprenticeship.

Most states require certification or licensing as part of the process of becoming an air conditioning repairman. Candidates must have a combination of work experience and course knowledge to be considered for this program. There are a number of online schools that offer the courses needed to become an air conditioning repairman. The certificate requirements are met with this information and a self-directed training program. Because a written exam is usually required, it is critical to ensure that you have the necessary book knowledge for this position.